Fearless Fantasies

If rings were a movie or television show:

Each of these depict a movie or television show. Do you think they are a good representation?

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Make your partner feel special by presenting her with an exquisite antique diamond ring

Platinum diamond bracelets

Vintage diamond rings

Antique diamond rings are now the most coveted engagement rings of almost every woman who dreams of walking to the altar to wed her dream man, her soul mate. And you wonder why they are becoming more popular than contemporary designs! The best antique engagement ring is often made by hand, usually the handiwork of the best goldsmith or silversmith in town. Each curve and twist is intricately crafted and formed, each stone, painstakingly placed. Much hard work has been drawn into the accomplishment of antique rings which only the aristocracy could dream of. Here are several types of antique diamond rings made in the past hundred years, with those in the late 19th century supposedly being the best: During the years 1835 to 1900, vintage diamond rings were made using rose gold or yellow gold. Their designs range from the most simple to the highly intricate ones. They often…

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